Case IH vs John Deere

Top Things To Know About Case IH Vs John Deere

Case IH vs John Deere refers to the two most well-known companies in the farming equipment and machinery sector. Case IH is one of the top companies in the field of manufacturing agricultural equipment with an experience of 175 years. The combine harvesters they make have served farmers for many years helping them be more productive. John Deere is the brand of the Deere & Company, a 180-year old company experienced in manufacturing agricultural, forestry, and construction machinery. Their combine harvester is one of the best in the market and used worldwide.

When we talk of Case IH vs John Deere, we are looking at a comparison of the combine harvesters offered by both companies. The combine harvester is one of the most useful equipment that a farmer can use. It combines three processes of reaping, winnowing, and threshing in one piece of equipment. It helps the farmer mechanize the process of harvesting, thus saving time and money and ensuring farmers can earn more.

Comparing the Two Harvesters

A Case IH vs John Deere comparison reveals the salient features of the harvesters offered by the two companies. Let’s look at the models offered by the two companies and their salient features.

1) Case IH harvesters

• The Case IH harvesters help in ensuring the best quality grains are harvested. The Case IH company offer combines in the Axial-Flow series.

• The Axial Flow 150 series combine has a 265 horsepower engine. Its capacity of harvesting is 250 bushels.

• The Axial Flow 250 series combine has a 2-speed electric transmission with axial-flow combine that ensures a high-efficiency harvest.

2) John Deere harvesters

• The John Deere combine harvesters make use of the latest technology. This ensures you can get the best results from the harvesting process by using the S-series and T-series harvesters.

• The S-series of harvesters are designed to ensure convenience and better control of the harvester. Manual calibration is not needed thanks to the active yield feature. Active vision cameras offer a better view of the field while harvesting. This combine is best suited for small grain crops like rice, wheat, oats, barley, canola, etc.

• The T-series of harvesters is useful when you want to increase the productivity of the grain and also ensure a better quality yield. It has a 9-liter engine with 392 horsepower. The tank capacity is 300 bushels of grain and its unloading rate is 3.3 bushels per second. It covers the highest area of 9720 square inches, which is the highest for any combine.

The Case IH vs John Deere comparison revealed the differences between the harvesters of the two companies. Both the harvesters have their own unique capabilities and benefits. You should have been able to understand more about the two harvesters so you can make an informed decision on which is the best for you. Look at all the features of the harvesters. Keep in mind the crops you are harvesting, the features you need, and your budget. You can decide considering all these parameters in mind.