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A Guide to John Deere Combine Harvesters

John Deere is a legendary name in the world of agricultural machinery. The company is well-known throughout the world for its high-quality equipment. The John Deere Combine harvester is one of the most popular of its equipment available in the market. For more than 40 years, this combine harvester has made life easy for farmers across the world, helping them harvest more efficiently and reduce losses. The following a guide to this popular combine harvester that help you while harvesting.

Use of Settings

While the utility of the John Deere Combine harvester is well-known, the settings available in the equipment enhance its utility. There are adjustments that can be made in the equipment to help farmers manage their harvesting activities in a more efficient way. Grain damage can happen due to improper settings, when grains get cut off and crushed. Grain loss is a related problem. The right use of settings, which can be changed for each crop, allows farmers to minimize grain loss and damage. Adjustments help in ensuring cleanliness and separating chaff, while getting improved straw quality at the same time. All these settings can be adjusted at the time of delivery. Farmers can modify the settings at any time to get the optimum results.

Effective systems

The combine harvesters feature effective systems that make the harvester more fuel efficient. This ensures harvesting is not disrupted by the need to refuel. The power engines in the combine ensure better performance. Farmers can be assured that the machine will serve them to the best of its capacity throughout the harvesting season without creating any problems. There is a cleaning system that helps to improve performance. This ensures increased speed, which is a direct impact on the productivity of the equipment.

There is no doubt that the feeding system in the John Deere Combine harvester plays a key role in the smooth working of the machine. It is this system that moves the crop and other material from the front end of the machine up to the separators. Adjustment of feeder chain, checking the wear plates, and also the chains are important. This ensures that all these critical parts work effectively allowing better functioning and enhanced productivity.

Use of Augers

The John Deere Combine harvester has an option of an auger to be included in the machine. This allows the farmer to handle thicker crops more effectively. While harvesting crops like canola, there can be more losses because of the thickness and problems while feeding crop into the combine. The use of augers help to solve this problem, increasing efficiency of the equipment.

Convenience for operators

The combine harvester ensures convenience and comfort for the operators who use the equipment. The cabin in most of the models allows the operator to get a 180 degree view. This makes the harvesting process easier. The controls are also simpler to operate in the newer models. The seats and interiors are comfortable. Xenon lights are available that can make nighttime harvesting easy.

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