Case IH combine harvesters

With Case IH Aftermarket Concaves, Better Tune-Up Monitoring Losses

There are many different ways in which field losses can be monitored and you can closely tune-up the combine settings. With an advanced Case IH aftermarket concaves, a higher quality of grain can be guaranteed. Farmers give their best by making sure they are doing all they can and very efficiently bring in the high quality of grain. They keep very close to the settings of the combine. Sometimes, grain can be left in the field and due to its poor quality, it can be docked as an elevator.

The smooth running case IH aftermarket concaves can minimize both if proper adjustments are done.

Field Losses

Grain Losses

Field Losses

You will be surprised to find that there are some grain losses that occur before you pull the combine in the field. Some of the pre-harvest losses are caused due to lodging and shattering. It mainly happens due to wildlife feeding, weather or some natural causes. Combines can be the culprit in causing the harvest losses. There are many harvest losses that can be considered unavoidable. However, with proper operation and adjustment in case IH aftermarket concaves, catching the crop early can minimize the losses.

It is possible to measure the field losses by counting the kernels and the seeds. The left in the field after harvest. Normally, in a 10-square-foot area across the swath whose width is that of the combine, kernels or seeds can be counted. Here, you can aim for the loss which is less than 2 percent.

Determining Field Losses Under Good Conditions

You can review the harvesting of grain under good conditions. It can help in determining whether the filed losses are outside an acceptable range. You can review the operator manual of case IH aftermarket concaves for fine-tuning settings. The dealer can also helpful in determining the required settings for concaves. The efficient, crisp cutting settings reduce the grain harvest losses to shattering. You must stay sharp with genuine cutting parts available for concaves in the market.

Grain Quality Losses

The grain quality can be affected mainly in two ways.

Grain damage; cracked and broken kernels

Foreign material

The foreign material and damaged grain make the harvesting of the grain harder to handle, cause storage problem and contribute to generate dust. Excess amounts of foreign material can provide a favorable environment for the growth of mold and insect infestation. Sometimes it gets difficult for the grains to get proper aeration.

The case IH aftermarket concaves provides a balancing act to the grain quality. Without excess damage, the clean and thresh grain can be retained. To achieve the result, the combine setting can be adjusted which helps correct the losses.

With the latest technology and combine equipment, there is no substitute that gets close to grain quality and loss. It is advised to check the grain tank and ground frequently for grain loss and quality as harvest condition change. You can take help from the Case IH support team to stand against the losses and harvest the best crop possible

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