Combine Concaves

Enhance Your John Deere Combine’s Performance with Estes Concaves

John Deere combines are renowned for their power, efficiency, and reliability. But even the best machines can benefit from upgrades, and one area that often gets overlooked is the concave system. Estes Performance Concaves offers a compelling solution for John Deere owners seeking to optimize their harvest results.

The Crucial Role of Combine Concaves

Combine concaves play a vital role in the threshing process, separating grain from straw. Traditional OEM concaves can sometimes struggle with specific crops or conditions, leading to issues like:

Grain loss: Valuable kernels left behind in the straw, impacting yield and profitability.

Seed damage: Cracked or broken seeds, reducing their value and marketability.

Excessive straw breakage: Creates challenges for baling and can slow down the harvesting process.

Increased wear and tear: Can lead to higher replacement costs over time.

Estes Concaves: Engineered for Superior Performance

Estes Performance Concaves addresses these challenges with innovative designs and high-quality materials. Their concaves are meticulously engineered to:

Maximize threshing efficiency: Separate more grain from the straw, minimizing losses and boosting yield.

Minimize seed damage: Gentle threshing action preserves the integrity and value of your seeds.

Reduce straw breakage: Longer straw facilitates easier baling and improves harvest speed.

Enhance durability: Constructed with wear-resistant materials for extended lifespan.

Key Benefits of Upgrading to Estes Concaves

John Deere owners who have switched to Estes concaves report experiencing numerous benefits, including:

Increased grain yield: Studies have shown yield increases of up to 5% compared to OEM concaves.

Reduced seed damage: Estes concaves can significantly lower seed damage percentages, especially for fragile crops like soybeans.

Improved straw quality: Longer, unbroken straw is easier to bale and provides better feedstock for livestock.

Reduced fuel consumption: More efficient threshing can lead to lower fuel costs per acre.

Faster harvesting speeds: Less time spent clearing blockages and managing straw translates to faster harvest completion.

Extended concave life: The robust construction of Estes concaves reduces wear and tear, potentially extending their lifespan compared to OEM options.

Popular Estes Concave Options for John Deere Combines:

Estes offers a variety of concave systems compatible with a wide range of John Deere combine models. Some popular options include:

RPR Concave System: The original and most affordable option, offering excellent performance and value for money.

XPR3 Concave System: The flagship system, delivering top-of-the-line threshing efficiency and seed protection.

Hybrid Concave System: Combines elements of the RPR and XPR2 systems for customized performance based on specific needs.

John Deere Concave Price Comparison

While the initial cost of aftermarket concaves like Estes might seem higher than OEM replacements, it’s crucial to consider the long-term value proposition. Estes concaves often deliver:

Faster return on investment: Increased yield, reduced seed damage, and fuel savings can quickly offset the initial cost.

Lower operating costs: Extended concave life and reduced downtime contribute to lower overall operating expenses.

Improved resale value: Well-maintained combines with upgraded concaves often command higher resale prices.

Finding the Right Estes Concave for Your John Deere Combine

The best Estes concave system for your John Deere combine depends on several factors, including your specific model, crops harvested, and desired performance level. Estes offers helpful resources and support to guide you in selecting the optimal system for your needs.


Upgrading to Estes Concaves can be a game-changer for John Deere combine owners. By enhancing threshing efficiency, minimizing grain loss and seed damage, and improving straw quality, Estes concaves contribute to increased profitability, operational efficiency, and machine longevity. If you’re looking to maximize the performance of your John Deere combine, exploring Estes Concaves is a worthwhile investment.

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