Why Estes Performance Concaves Are Best?

We have designed and developed the most innovative concave system that will surpass all your expectations. Our advanced level concave system is a multi-tasker that performs various functions like threshing all crops, eliminating rotor loss, improving grain quality, and, in the end, gives you a clear sample. And the best part is that all these […]

Why Buy Harvester Concaves From Estes?

There are many advantages to purchasing a harvester concave from the Estes brand. For harvesting different types of crops, different type and size of concaves are usually needed and it cost a lot of money to farmers to change the combine parts depending on the crop. But this problem can be solved by switching your […]

Farm Equipment Maintenance Steps By Estes Performance Concaves

Estes Performance Concaves is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of XPR2 concaves. The company has maintained the quality of concaves it has manufactured for many years. Estes Performance Concaves are preferred by many companies that manufacture equipment used in harvesting crops. Its major clients being John Deere and Case IH, Estes Performance Concaves […]