Some Essential Features Of A Modern-Day Farm Combine

A farm combine is an indispensable farming machine to modern agro-allied companies. Many farm combines are currently used to perform a range of functions on the farm. These functions include some of the most essential processes of harvesting crops and haven to subject the crops harvested to further processing. Due to such functionalities, many modern farm combines are manufactured to come with several features. Many of these features are based on the failures of early farm combine systems.

Some Essential Features of Modern-day Combine Systems

1). They are used to stop rotor loss: In farming rotor losses invariably lead to lost efficiency in the field. Many previously produced farm combines were very notorious due to the extent of losses they caused due to their poorly conceived rotor designs. however, modern-day ingenuity has led many combine manufacturers to re-imagine the process. Modern-day farm combine machines are now being made with concave systems rather than rotors. The concave systems are used to prevent losses and can be used to stop losses due to the rotor. Furthermore, the concave systems are used for all crops and will usually need no changing. Commercial farming businesses fancy combines with concave systems because of their fast payback period.

2). They can improve the profitability of your company: Since modern farm combine machines do not need you to change your concaves, you can easily get all the efficiencies that you need. They increase the ground speed of your machine by 3 miles per hour. Furthermore, they are known to provide an increase in your threshing area by about 135%. This is used to produce a threshing efficiency and eliminates slow machine ground speeds and an overloaded separate machine section. This generally leads to increased efficiency which stimulates more productivity. With more productivity, the business can cash in on the abundance of crops harvested. This certainly leads to sustained productivity.

3). Reduced grain damage: Many modern combines come with custom concave systems. This makes it possible for you to maximise your threshing capacity to help you increase your output. This is used to produce a more effective crop threshing process compared to stock concaves. As a result, you get processed grains with fewer splits, cracks and damaged texture because of the threshing of the grains against the steel of the machine. With less grain damage, your farming business will be able to increase its income rather than continuously spending on wasteful processes.

4). The best concave systems: Many modern farm combines are known for their best concave systems. These systems have been built to enhance the field output of agricultural businesses. The manufacturers of the farm combines have been able to build the combines by using state-of-the-art and the most sophisticated engineering technology. This means that businesses now find their concave systems more productive and profitable than ever. This simply means that the business will remain profitable in the long term.

5). A versatile crop processing system: A farm combine machine is usually built with components that can be used for many brands. This means that farm combines like Case IH and John Deere would easily have all aftermarket parts in the market. This significantly minimizes the amount needed to buy unique spare components.