CASE IH Concaves

Which Is The Best Case IH Flagship Concaves

When you are looking for the best Case IH Flagship Concaves, only the valuable ones will do. Many traditional threshers will work but with inefficient results. It is the reason the popular XPR Concave systems are making a name for themselves. These use a unique design and patented technology for the best harvesting results. Also, there are threshing frames available for different types of crops. However, you can use the XPR concave systems for any crop. That is why many suggest using it. Another advantage of these systems is their faster performance.

Why is the XPR Concave System a better choice?

Every farmer knows that threshing can cause three to five bushels losses. That is why the Case IH Flagship Concaves use the best design to avoid this. Also, the threshing process is faster and easier. These XPR concave systems for Case IH separate the grain promptly. If the chaff system traps any grain, the XPR captures it. Thus, there are many advantages for the farmers to use these concave systems. Plus, the Concave bars of this system claim a more threshing area. So, these systems can help you avoid losses and get efficient threshing results.

Better than the traditional concaves

The traditional systems for threshing are inefficient and take a lot of time. Not every farmer can afford to lose a lot of bushels. Every bushel loss means a waste harvest. However, the XPR systems for Case IH are becoming a trend for efficient harvesting. It is because these Case IH Flagship Concaves do not waste time. Also, these systems gather any crop without wasting time and money. Therefore, you can be sure that it collects all the grains with minimum losses. You only invest in the threshing systems once for years. Hence, it is a better investment with lots of advantages.

These concaves are durable and outperform the traditional concave systems. Also, the XPR 2 Concave system for Case IH has more life. So, it will help you save the costs of investment for these systems. The overloaded separator of the conventional system causes grain collection losses. The XPR Concave system uses a combination of a threshing process that will not overload.

Compatibility and Clean Collection

These systems work for any crop. Thus, you will not have to change or buy a new one. The manufacturer claims that these concaves have up to three times more life. It is why these provide you more value each year. There are cover plates that make sure it produces cleaner samples without seeds or whitecaps.


The three main benefits of investing once in an XPR or XPR2 concave system are impressive. Not only are the old systems costly, but also wasteful. A farmer loses many bushels during the harvesting period because of this. Therefore, you can select the best Case IH Flagship Concaves. These will let you profit from more harvest collection. Also, these have durable frames that can last for more years. The new technology and design also perform faster. So, there is more collection and less time wastage. Hence, the result is more harvest and clean samples without pods.

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