Concaves of Combine

Features Of Concaves For Combines

The combine harvesters are the mechanical devices which ease the farmers in a greater level. They help the farmers to harvest any type of grain crops in their fields. Now, these crops can be oats, wheat, barley, maize, soya bean, flax etc. These devices perform harvesting in basically three steps- threshing, reaping and winnowing. During the process, the waste straw is left in the field and the leaves are either left there or collected for the livestock. But this system leaves much amount of yield in the field and brings major loss to the farmers.

By installing concaves for combines, the farmers can increase the collection of yield with the help of combine. As per the statistics, the rotor combine tends to leave 4-5 bushels per acre. This loss can be more with the increasing area for cultivation and can reach up to $15,000 to $ 20,000 per thousand acres. If one ignores this data, then while cultivating the crops till date, one can easily calculate the loss from the rotor. With the concaves you can get rid of this loss and enjoy the harvesting of the total yield in the farm.

The RPR concave for combines has maximum features to be dependable on them. To be more clear the most promising features for the same are

• You get the facility to use it on any crop type

• This system eliminates the rotor loss i.e. zero rotor loss

• Featuring its capacity, it has 30-40% capacity than other harvesting systems

• It has faster ground speed in comparison to other systems i.e. 1-2MPH

• On using this system you get cleaner grains, which will attract more customers

• The concave comes with 5000+ working hour life

• Once you have installed the concave, there is no need to replace it i.e. one-time investment

• It enables less fuel consumption as a whole

• Very affordable and reliable i.e. it suits every pocket and saves money for you

On comparison, the concave brings less mechanical and other crop damages to the farmers. On installing such system you don’t need further plugging, less broken cobs, zero rotor loss, fewer fines, increase the capacity and providing better samples for the dealers. This system is patented in its kind and it restricts the crop flow by forcing the material to rub on the other material. This helps you in providing the cleaner samples of the yield. The placement of this system is such it increases the capacity and it ensures to unload more crops through it. It is seen that this system has increased the flow rate capacity. This process is followed by the 7 Disrupter lugs, which separates the grates and helps in finishing the separation successfully.

The RPR concave for combines comes over 20 years of field testing and experience. Thousands of farmers have successfully installed this system and are satisfied with its performance. This product is self-promising, increases the crop yield, works on any type of grain crop and helps in saving a lot of money while the harvesting process.

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