How To Increase Yield & Stop Rotor Loss?

The life of the farmer has become easier today. This is because of the technological advancement of farming equipment. So they no longer have to work manually. Instead of that, they can utilize the latest and most advanced combine, concave model. Since, this particularly advanced machinery is operational with the embedded conveyor system and thus, […]

Benefits of using Concaves for combines

There is a direct correlation between the mechanical damage to the grain during harvest and the loss of quality during storage. The broken grain is more exposed to the attack of pests and diseases during post-harvest. Where is it broken? • When the availability of harvesters is not in line with the demand from producers, […]

Features Of Concaves For Combines

The combine harvesters are the mechanical devices which ease the farmers in a greater level. They help the farmers to harvest any type of grain crops in their fields. Now, these crops can be oats, wheat, barley, maize, soya bean, flax etc. These devices perform harvesting in basically three steps- threshing, reaping and winnowing. During […]