Concave System

High Quality Concaves From John Deere Combine Parts

Estes concaves has set up a benchmark by developing the most advances concave machines for the agricultural fields. The engineered equipment will thresh all your crops without damaging the grains. The rotor loss will be negligible as all the while you will be using just a single concave. The John Deere combine parts will keep you amazed as your harvest reaps in front of you. The company is developing improvised products regularly to provide the best agricultural machinery to the world.

Features of concaves by Estes Concaves

The John Deere combine parts are efficient and the machine has several advantages over the other harvest machines available in the market. The most notable features of these advanced concave machines are:

1. Stop rotor loss: As the machine usage increases, the efficiency of the rotor decreases because of the bushels. But with the John Deere combine parts this rotor loss is minimized to the fullest. The rotor is designed such that it is suitable for all crops. So now you can stop yourself from changing the rotor for every crop that you are about to harvest.

2. Increase in profit: If the efficiency loss is negligible your profits will certainly increase. With John Deere combine parts the threshing area increases up to 135%. So this is both profitable and less time consuming. The Estes Concaves will get you rid of overloaded sections separation and slow ground speeds.

3. Less grain damage: The best thing about the rotors with John Deere combine parts is that you can keep the rotor full and yet receive fine grains from the threshed crops. Along with this the grains will be with less cracks and splits. All this concludes that you will earn what you deserve and your concave machinery will only maximize your profits and not tamper them.

The Concave System

Buying this machine means you are investing in the best combine.So what is this machine that we have talked about for so long?Every combine rotor losses 3-5 bushels after harvesting an acre. But with the XPR Threshing and Separating Concave System these losses are made negligible. Some of the best things about this machine are:

• All in one rotor: This machinery is suitable for all types of crops. You are not required to change concaves for different types of concaves. So now is the time to get rid of your old machines which come with rotor loss.

• Enhanced performance: The Company has worked hard and brought this machine to the market as an improvisation over the other traditional threshers and separators. This machine has 135% greater performance than its counterparts. It also has 35% more capacity than the others. It has a 3 mph faster grounding speed. This means that it can cut up to 5000 bushels in an hour.

• Crop friendly: This machine will thresh your crops and keep your grains safe. Your grains will be free from cracks, fines, and splits. With this expert machine you no longer require Whitecaps and pods.

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