Why Estes Performance Concaves Are Best?

We have designed and developed the most innovative concave system that will surpass all your expectations. Our advanced level concave system is a multi-tasker that performs various functions like threshing all crops, eliminating rotor loss, improving grain quality, and, in the end, gives you a clear sample. And the best part is that all these […]

Features Of A John Deere Concave System

In the world of agriculture, manual labor has been utilized for the harvesting of crops throughout the ages. But with growing times, the need for a developed agricultural system is also eminent. The best approach to dealing with the various stages of harvesting of crops is the engagement of a John Deere Concave System. The […]


INTRODUCING XPR-CONCAVES With the advancement of science, the agricultural technology has also taken a new step. The previous concaves that were generally used by the previous generations have now been revamped into better ones to aid you in your agricultural work. The  new XPR-concaves. They have large bars, smarter thrashing capability, optimized spacing, greater separation […]

High Quality Concaves From John Deere Combine Parts

Estes concaves has set up a benchmark by developing the most advances concave machines for the agricultural fields. The engineered equipment will thresh all your crops without damaging the grains. The rotor loss will be negligible as all the while you will be using just a single concave. The John Deere combine parts will keep […]