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How Combine Farm Equipment Resolves Harvesting Issues?

The combine is the most advanced agriculture machinery which has been designed for the most efficient harvesting of a large volume of grains. Even the name comes from the combination of three harvesting functions. This includes the reaping, threshing as well as winnowing. Large varieties of the crops can be harvested through the head designed specifically for the grains. So, the farmers can harvest a large variety of grains for example; wheat, rye, oat, corn as well as sunflower by using combine farm equipment.

There are some of the ways through which combine farm equipment resolves harvesting issues.

Getting better with time

The safe and efficient harvesting of grains is dependent upon picking up the most appropriate combine farm equipment. This includes purchasing agricultural machinery from the leading manufacturers of the world. The top-notch manufacturers through continuous research and innovation advance technology and design to meet the needs of the farmers. The new models have large grain tanks with a loading speed of around 6 bushels in a second. Even through the introduction of the apps in new models, the farmers are capable of monitoring combine performance.

Used combine

It is undeniably true that the cost of the new combine is prohibitive. However, the farmers can also invest in the used machinery. Due to the string of lean sales years, the dealers are in the position of bargaining. So, the used combine farm equipment can be one of the best buys for the farmers around.

Repair and maintenance serve as key

Whether it is new or even used combine farm equipment, there is a need of proper maintenance as well as care. Today, the combine is being designed to run at cent percent capacity. However, to achieve this particular goal, there is a need for attention and at the same time high knowledge of the farmers about the machine mechanics as well as electronic features.

Proper care

The proper care actually initiates before the harvesting process. With the pre-season inspection as well as specialized attention, there can be fixing of the trouble spots that are witnessed owing to the excessive wear and tear.

Corn header

The worn corn heads serve as the major cause of grain loss. According to the studies conducted by Iowa State University, the grain loss can extend to as high as around 60%. However, due to the proper adjustment and maintenance, the farmers can minimize the overall impact as well as improve the grain harvesting. There is a need to conduct a sound pre-season inspection. This includes the gathering of the chain tension, free moving deck plates along with the well-working drive system. There should also be an assessment of the overall stock roller condition.

Final harvesting tips

Adjusting the combine farm equipment to run towards its peak capacity is a skill that every farmer should acquire.

When a simple adjustment is made to a single part, then it is going to impact the overall operations of many others. However, the ultimate goal is to achieve clean grain with minimal loss. Another important factor is safety during the harvest.

So, the farmers should have knowledge about the crops, combine farm equipment and also assess the limits of operation. Then only they will be able to use the combine to the greatest of its capacity to achieve the bountiful return.

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