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Farm Equipment Maintenance Steps By Estes Performance Concaves

Estes Performance Concaves is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of XPR2 concaves. The company has maintained the quality of concaves it has manufactured for many years. Estes Performance Concaves are preferred by many companies that manufacture equipment used in harvesting crops. Its major clients being John Deere and Case IH, Estes Performance Concaves have successfully satisfied all their customers and clients.

Moving ahead, there is not a single possibility of the doubt when we talk about the quality of Concaves manufactured and supplied by Estes Performance Concaves. But machines are complicated things and require regular maintenance. However, when we talk about farming, it is not quite possible to regularly maintain the machines once in a while, particularly, during summers, when the plants and crops start growing.

In that case, it is advised that if you are a farmer, you should start the maintenance work in winter when the farming work is less. In that period, everything must be checked, old and damaged parts should be repaired or replaced, and all those steps must be taken that will ensure the long life of your machines.

If we talk about concaves manufactured by Ester Performance Concaves, these machines are made up of several components having importance of their own. Although the concaves manufactured by this company are of top-quality, using a machine on farms makes it prone to excessive amounts of dirt that might stick to its components.

Farm or Ranch Pre-Planting Maintenance

Just before the beginning of the farming season, the first and the foremost step a farmer must follow are to check all the parts of machines for wear and tear issues. Everything from chains, belts, hoses, etc. must be checked thoroughly for any wear and tear. If anything is found damaged, it must be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Loose Bolts and Fasteners might damage the linkages and bushings of the machine. Hence all the bolts and fasteners must be tightened properly to prevent any kind of mishap while farming.

if you store your machines far away from your farm, you must check their wheels and tires properly. Make sure they are inflated and are ready to use.

Make sure the battery inside your machines are fully charged and have no scratches on them. Alongside this, you must also check for any damaged headlights and indicators to avoid any kind of accident while transporting them to the farms. Functional Lights would also work as a helping hand during late working hours.

Pre-Harvest Equipment Maintenance Tips

If you have followed all the above points related to pre-planting maintenance, you only need to focus on two-three things before beginning the harvesting work.

Clean the equipment properly and make sure no dust particles are left on them. Dust particles would not only give you problems while harvesting, they might also destroy the crops.

Check the Oil and Grease of the components. Any deficiency of oil or grease might weaken the component. Hence every piece from bolts to belts must be lubricated properly.

All you have to do now is to give a final check to all the components. Make sure there is no leak inside or outside the machine.

You need to invest a lot in purchasing farming equipment. The only way to ensure their longevity is by maintaining them regularly by following all the above-mentioned steps. The better the quality and condition of machines, the better would be the quality of the harvest.

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