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Step-By-Step Guide On John Deere 9500 Concave Settings

Whenever farmers think to use a harvester during a particular season, they are required to upgrade its parts as well. There are many different variations of concave components in the market today. So, you need to have some idea about the best combine concave so that you can meet all your unique requirements. By making investments in the John Deere 9500 Concave, the farmer will be having more money in their pocket.

What Makes John Deere 9500 Concave System Better?

One of the major benefits of this particular concave system is the latest and modern design and manufacturing process. The utilization of the latest testing technology during the manufacturing process makes sure that the dimensions of this concave remain highly consistent. Also, there is a better fit along with the premium quality threshing surface. This particular John Deere 9500 Concave series is an extremely advanced agriculture component in comparison to the previous ones. So, if you are growing a different assortment of crops in the field, then there can be the utilization of the single concave system for all varieties of grains. Thus, you no longer need to waste your time altering the concave all the time before actually running it on the field.

Step-By-Step Guide on John Deere 9500 Concave Settings

John Deere 9500

If you are a farmer who purchases John Deere 9500 Concave, then it is extremely important to know about its appropriate settings. This can be done through the utilization of the user’s manual that is coming along with this advanced concave system.

Here are some of the instructions with step-by-step guide for making the appropriate setting of the concave that is required to carry out the harvesting of the crops clearly:

• The settings are required to be made according to the various crop conditions. The climate, as well as the crop situation in all the fields, is distinctive and it may call for varied settings.

• Also, the header is required to be set at the appropriate angles as per the instructions in the user’s manual. This is extremely important and you are required to check it before beginning the harvesting process.

• Also, the position of the feeder house setting is crucial. It must be set at the most appropriate angle according to the header for ensuring proper grain feed.

• Check whether all the parts of the John Deere 9500 Concave are lubricated properly before the start of the harvesting process. This will be preventing any sort of issue that you might face.

• Also, the cutter blades, sickle along with various other components are required to be assessed for finding out if they are sharp enough for producing the best outcome.


The high-performance and at the same time specialized patented John Deere 9500 Concave system carries out the improvement in the overall productivity and performance of the harvesting process. It ensures smooth operation and put more profits in the farmer’s pocket. This particular product is outperforming in comparison to the other concave system. So, just be ready to upgrade your harvester with this advanced & high-performing concave system during this harvesting season!

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