John Deere Combine Setting

John Deere Combine Settings for Different Crops

In older times, harvesting was a tedious task. But, thanks to modern technology, it is an old story now. John Deere Combines have helped farmers to carry out their tasks with ease and reap maximum benefits. But, for that, you must follow the John Deere Combine settings. Each of the settings differs from the crop. Let’s look at a few.

  1. Combine settings for Canola

If you are using the combine for canola seeds, then there are some things to be focussed in the initial John Deere Combine setting. Put the cylinder and cleaning sieve at the largest settings, while the concave and the pre-cleaner should be adjusted at the smallest settings.

In the fans’ case, drive the combine for almost one hour and then increase the fan speed. After that, maintain an average speed. In this way, you would have a check on the working of the combine. Furthermore, the threshing speed can be increased by increasing the cylinder speed or decreasing the concave’s clearance.

  1. Combine settings for Soybean

Soybean is one of the most difficult crops to be harvested for the farmers. But the John Deere Combine settings can help farmers do it easily. The functioning of the cutter bars are to be checked, and proper functioning should be ensured. This can prevent losses during harvesting. Also, check on the performance of the cylinder and the concave. Moreover, the small-sized openings of the sieve prevent damage to the soybeans. Ensure a decent amount of airflow, which can help in the easy cutting of crops and cleaning. The John Deere Combine Harvester is of high quality and produces maximum output for you.

  1. For High moisture containing corns

Farmers often find difficulty in cultivating high moisture corn. John Deere recommends a few adjustments that you should look upon. Firstly, ensure that the concave, chauffeur, sieve, etc. are calibrated, and there are fewer chances of errors. Also, make sure that the auger is placed in a downward position. Operate your combine with the deck plates fixed tight.

The automatic adjustment feature, which is a part of the John Deere Combine setting, can help change the settings if there is a change in the situations.

With the dual chaffer system, you have to see that the rear chaffer is closed. Consequently, the wind will deviate to the front side.

  1. Setting the Combine For Oats

In the case of oats, the settings are different. If you operate the cylinder at 600 and set the concave to 3, you have to increase the speed step by step. For the 50 rpm cylinder, you should increase the speed by and concave about 0.5 in each step. This is suitable for hot conditions and also with ripe oats.

Another option is to set the cylinder at 1000 and concave at 0.5. Instead of speeding up the cylinder, you have to slow it down. This is advantageous to convert the rye into fine particles to remove them easily.

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