John Deere Concave System

Features Of A John Deere Concave System

In the world of agriculture, manual labor has been utilized for the harvesting of crops throughout the ages. But with growing times, the need for a developed agricultural system is also eminent. The best approach to dealing with the various stages of harvesting of crops is the engagement of a John Deere Concave System.

The modern times have witnessed an exponential growth in the demand for agricultural products. As the population increases so do the demand for food. Various industries and fast-food chains have developed packaged and pre-made food. Engaging labors for such a bulk manual job is not only time consuming but requires a huge amount of investment.

Methods Involved In Crop Harvesting

The three main methods of harvesting of food crops are reaping, threshing and winnowing. All of these are notoriously exhausting physical activities. Introduction of a John Deere Concave System on your farm not only increases your efficiency, but also helps you to harvest a distinguishably large area of land at a much rapid pace.

A John Deere Concave System consists of a bulk mechanical unit having notched bars for the limited flow of crop. The unit is rotated with the grains placed inside in the green moves along the insides of the unit. The Concave bars are gradually open allowing the greens to fall off and get threshed in the process.

What Are The Features Of A John Deere Concave System?

Some of its characteristics features are:

• It has highly mechanically designed notched bars that allow the unloading of grains precisely and according to its requirement.

• It has an appropriate space between each of the bars. This space is not too little or not too wide allowing the exact conditions to influence the unloading of the grains as per its threshed condition.

• The cover plates are adjustable according to the required size and gap. It can also be removed completely for servicing and cleaning purposes. Allowing regular maintenance and proper hygienic conditions.

• It is designed to contain and work on various types of crops and grains. It has the capability of harvesting various universal crops, and processes them from reaping, threshing to winnowing.

• Compared to any general standard OEM models, it has a much higher threshing surface that allows bulk crops to be threshed in a single batch.

The Advantage Of Using A Concave System

The advantage of using the John Deere Concave System is that crops are grains of any condition can be crashed in the unit to provide you with much cleaner and screened grains in considerably less time.

The key benefits of using the John Deere Concave System are the following:

• It increases the capacity of processing all kinds of crops and grains. Leading to bulk production and fuel saving.

• It’s precisely design grooves and bars decrease the damage to grains that can happen by breaking, cracking or splitting during the processing.

• The grains produced are much cleaner and free from husks and chaffs. Thus, providing you with a much healthy and fresh yield.

• Due to its high efficiency programming and considerable threshing surface area, there is also a huge decrease in fuel consumption, saving you a lot of money in return.