Overview Of The John Deere S680 Combine

Overview Of The John Deere S680 Combine

The John Deere S680 combine harvester is one of the most popular harvester models in the world. The harvesters produced by the John Deere Company are well-known among the many harvesters available on the market. The John Deere Company is well-known for developing agricultural machinery and has a strong brand name. The company’s farming machinery, such as the S-series of harvesters, has swiftly gained popularity. Farmers will profit greatly from its novel features.

What Exactly Is A Combine Harvester?

The combine harvester is a piece of farming equipment that makes harvesting easier. Farmers had to manually harvest crops before machines were invented. This would be time-consuming and take several days, requiring a significant amount of time, effort, and the hiring of personnel. Harvesting may now be done swiftly, saving time and money, thanks to the combine harvester. Just like the tractor is driven in the field, the same way the harvester is used to harvest crops.

The combine harvester gets its name from the fact that it combines three harvesting processes into one machine. The reaping, threshing, and winnowing procedures can all be done with the help of a combine harvester. The John Deere Company’s S-series harvesters are noted for their technological advancements. The John Deere S680 harvester is the most popular and commonly utilized of the many harvesters.

John Deere S680 Combine – Features

The John Deere S680 harvester is equipped with a number of handy features that make it ideal for farmers. The following are some of the important features of this combine harvester:

• The operator seat is deluxe and centered, making it more convenient for the operator.

• The steering column is single tilt with telescopic controls, making it easier to handle the harvester.

• It has a leather seat, which makes the operator more comfortable.

• Other features include a premium radio, an active refrigerator, electric-adjustable mirrors, and a pull-down sunshade.

• It has an isochronous engine governor, which ensures higher capacity and efficiency during harvesting.

• The S-series cleaning system minimizes slope sensitivity, making it easier to utilize the harvester on uneven terrain.

• It incorporates a Pro-Drive propulsion system that allows it to easily switch between two speed ranges as ground conditions change.

• The grain tank capacity has been increased to 400 bu (14,100 liters).

• It has a 13.5-liter engine with a rated speed of 2,100 rpm. The output power is 353 kW.

• The fuel tank capacity has been increased to 1,250 liters, allowing the harvester to run for longer periods of time without recharging.

• Another advantage of the harvester is the 3.8 bu per second emptying rate.

The overviewof the John Deere S680 combine harvester provided in this blog would have provided you information about this useful farming equipment. If you are a farmer looking to get the best results from your harvester, then this is the combine you need to consider investing in. The features of this combine ensures that you can increase productivity with better quality of yield. This will help in improved revenue and profitability.