Aftermarket combine concaves for John Deere

Reduce Loss of Yield with John Deere XPR Concaves System

Machinery and the right equipment is an essential commodity for running uninterrupted agriculture business. A concave system or machine has managed to conveniently make the process of harvesting easy. Harvesting with the use of advantage technology driven XPR concave system helps in providing better yield and ensure the loss is minimised. It can be used for harvesting all types of crops which ensure you gain maximum production from the culture. The XPR John Deere concaves systems are designed in a way to eliminate all the issues related to thrashing and separation. It helps in providing a cleaner sample and hence reduces mix of the thrash.

The machine can be used universally used for cleaning and thrashing all sorts of crops under all conditions. With the use of instruments like round bars, the grains or harvest are prone to more mechanical damage. The concave system helps in separating the grain from the thrash efficiently, quickly and in a more convenient manner. The concave system manufactured by Ester is performance oriented and patented with the unique mechanism. The round bar is integrated with a patented notch that helps in providing cleaner thresh.

A lot of thresher machines suffer from rotor loss which becomes inefficient in harvesting properly and leads to loss of yield. The XPR John Deere concaves are better than a lot of counterpart equipment on various grounds. It eliminates rotor loss and has more harvesting capacity to give better produce and yield. The overall fuel consumption is less and this goes easy on your pocket. The conventional machinery leads to a lot of rotor loss. The Concave system stops rotor loss which might otherwise rise up to 2 – 5 bushels. The reduction in rotor loss is significant because it gives more harvest, produce cleaner yield as well as helps you make more profit.

Estes is an experienced and renowned company with a number of patented disrupters to their credit. The XPR system designed by them is very efficiently and so far has gained positive acceptance by agriculture system. The capacity of the concave is increased by 30% with higher ground speed increasing by 1-2MPH. The machine is integrated with high end and well designed Pacman bars which aim at providing cleaner thresh. It helps in providing grain-on-grain threshing and provides grains free of thrash. A lot of agriculture firms and farms are able to benefit from the high utility equipment.

Due to the overload section, a lot of rotor loss occurs in crops like corn, soybeans, canola etc. It is introduced as disrupter lugs which helps in cutting open corn shucks, the straw of wheat etc. and generated maximum yield without it being to the farm. The thrashing – separating issue has been a critical aspect of harvesting and taking care of the same can eliminate many field related issues. The concave system is designed in a way that more of the crop flows through it and helps in effective separation. The new age machine is a boon for agriculture firm which reduces efficiently yield loss and enhances the overall productivity along with an increase in profit margin.