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Why Estes Performance Concaves Are Best?

We have designed and developed the most innovative concave system that will surpass all your expectations. Our advanced level concave system is a multi-tasker that performs various functions like threshing all crops, eliminating rotor loss, improving grain quality, and, in the end, gives you a clear sample. And the best part is that all these functions happen with just a single set of concaves.

What is a combine concave?

The combine concave is an essential component of a combine harvester. It plays two vital functions in the harvesting process: separating seeds from the plants, also known as threshing, and transporting seeds away from the chaff, the process known as winnowing. The crop quality is deeply affected by the concave you are using for the harvesting process, so it is essential to choose high-quality combine concave.

Reason Why Estes Performance Concaves Are Best?

One set Concave for all crops: Our concaves work on all crops efficiently, so there are no crop-to-crop changes in concaves. This means you don’t have to spend on different types of concaves, saving your time, energy, and money. In short, our concaves pay for themselves.

Considerable Reduction in Rotor Loss: Each rotor combine loses around two-three bushels per acre, which results in a rotor loss of up to 30- 35K per thousand acres. The Estes concave system is designed with cutting-edge technology to prevent rotor loss and function with all crops.

Increased Profitability: Since there is no need to change concaves for harvesting different crops, you can work efficiently in the field without changing or adjusting new concaves repeatedly. Estes concaves help increase the ground speed by 1-23 MHP and cover 135% more threshing surface area compared to the round bars. Which means grains are threshed and captured easily and speedily. This means no more overloaded separation and slow ground speeds. Also, there will be no more overloaded separations or slow ground speeds as a result of this.

Less Grain Damage: With our advanced-level concave system, you will witness less grain damage. By assisting you in keeping the rotor full, our concaves maximize the threshing and give you a cleaner grain sample. Minor grain damage means more profit.

Number 1 Concave system: Our concave system is designed and developed using the most advanced technology to make high-performance concaves for John Deere and Case IH combines. None of the other competitors has outperformed our concaves to date.

Simple to adjust: Estes performance concaves are easy to adapt and are designed to harvest various crops with minimal or straightforward adjustments. You’ll be able to dial in close to ZERO rotor loss, thanks to the system’s ease of adjustment.

Final Words

With over more than two decades of experience at Estes, we understand the effects of combines concaves. That’s why we have come up with the most efficient and skillfully engineered concaves that can be a reliable companion for every farmer. Visit our site to learn more about our concaves or contact us directly via email for more info.