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The Best Use of Concaves in Harvesters

Do you know why concaves are used in harvesters? There are generally two uses of John Deere S780 concaves, namely to thresh and separate the corns that are harvested.

The concaves generally have a ¼ inch difference in tolerance. This may lead to difficulty in thrashing. Let us see how. If you grow corns then it will be perfectly thrashed but if you grow wheat then the wheat will pass through and will not be thrashed. That is why best harvesters have concaves that have bored holes which are 1/8 inch larger than the cylinder. This helps the harvesters to precisely thrash any type of crops and nothing is left behind.

These precisely bored concaves fit the entire cylinder and can be effectively used for threshing and separating any type of crop. This functionality makes the harvester a really combined in nature as it can thrash and separate any type of crop. You do not have to think about the crop that you grow the harvesters will be able to harvest them.

The concaves that are used in the best harvesters are built strong and heavy. As they are strong they never lose their shape and remain precision equipment all along. This hardy nature is especially helpful when harvesting of crops that have straw and smaller seeds. This enables that none of the crops is left to be harvested and the entire job is done without any crop loss and helps you to earn more.

The best concaves have a separate area for threshing and separating. This is very useful as the two types of crops that are which needs to be thrashed and the separated ones do not mix together. The thrashing area is closed and has an arrangement so that the straws are held on for a longer time and the crops rub against each other to be thrashed properly. The separation area is open and allows the seed to fall and be separated from the straw. The filler plates in the thrashing area hold the straws of the crops that enable the crops to be perfectly thrashed. The size of the thrashing area can also be increased and decreased using these plates. This enables the harvester to be used for different crops that have different straw length.

These features of John Deere S780 concaves make it the best to be used in a combine harvester. It increases the efficiency of the harvester many times.

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