benefits of using Case IH concaves

Why Use Case IH Concaves?

Case IH Concaves are important agricultural equipment offered by Case Corporation, a leading agriculture brand. One of the problems in using a combine is that of crop loss. The Case IH combine Concaves when used with stock concaves can cause rotor loss leading to loss of crops, which has financial implications for the farmer. The stock concaves can have a separator that becomes overloaded. As a result, there is rotor loss and it is estimated that there can be a loss of 3 to 5 bushels for every acre of land, which is definitely a significant number.

When a farmer replaces the stock concaves with Case IH concaves, the biggest benefit is that rotor loss can be stopped. The XPR concave system is more efficient when it comes to threshing. This ensures the grains can be separated quickly. The XPR concave system’s bars have more threshing surface. This makes it effective for use even in crops that are difficult to thresh. The system is designed such that as soon as the crop is threshed it goes down into the augers. This prevents the separator from being overloaded and thus avoids rotor loss.

Using Case IH concaves offers many benefits. These include:

• It has a notched design in the bars, with increased space between bars. This helps in avoiding separator overload.

• Using the XPR concave system ensures rotor loss can be avoided.

• Using this system is beneficial for harvesting all types of crops. There is no need to change concave for each crop, which is definitely a huge benefit during harvesting.

• It increases capacity. This is thanks to the universal crop design incorporated in the XPR. This ensures a 10x improvement in threshing.

• The cover plates for the system are adjustable and removable. This improves threshing efficiency ensuring a cleaner sample without any pods or whitecaps falling into the tank.

• Compared to stock concaves, these concaves have 135% more area for threshing making it more efficient for use.

• The use of these concaves in the combine ensure that there is lesser fuel consumption, which translated to higher savings for the farmer.

• There is also a lesser downtime of the equipment, which is a critical factor during the harvesting seasons. Every instance of downtime can be expensive and this problem is avoided due to the XPR system.

• The rotor would be full and slow, which ensures that there are no split or broken cobs. This reduces grain damage and ensures better quality of crop harvested and more gains for the farmer.

• The number of bushels harvested per acre is significantly higher than it is when stock concaves are used. This allows the farmer to earn more, which is it is worth investing money on these concaves to get a higher return on investment.

The multiple benefits of using Case IH concaves is the reason why farmers should stop considering using stock concaves and instead consider the XPR concave system. This helps them save a lot of money that would have occurred due to rotor loss.

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