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The Importance and Advantages Of Combine Parts

Many operations related to harvesting or harvesting itself have seen boosting when combine parts are involved. Farming, in general, has become easier for the farmers with automation that is provided by modern-day machines. Aftermarket combine parts have become one of the important farming equipment, which can increase the productivity of farmers and their procedures.

So why are combine parts so important in modern farming?

Combine parts are important to all the farmers who are looking for increased productivity in their farming techniques. Combine parts go with combine harvesters that a farmer use. Using combine parts, a farmer can efficiently harvest more quantity in less time.

At the same time, combine parts also reduces the manual effort by providing enhanced efficiency in reaping, winnowing, threshing, etc.



Combine parts fit have advanced and innovative fittings in concaves. You don’t have to perform frequent plugging, and you can separate grains in the most suitable way. This leads to having quality grain yield as there is minimal to zero damage of grain. You also don’t have to change concaves for each different crop making your harvesting process faster and easier.

As mentioned before, harvesting is faster with combine parts. It is also directly related to productivity. These parts provide increased ground speed, eventually increasing the threshing area.


Often combine parts come with multiple purpose functions. You can use the same harvester and yield different crops on your field. And you can save money by not spending extra on different harvesters. Buying different types of parts will suffice.


Combine parts have various settings that can be adjusted manually by the farmers or the one who uses them. Using these settings, the farmers can use the same concave for different crops in their field. Depending on the size of the field, or his business, a farmer might have various crops like wheat, corn, beans, soybean, rice, etc. But you don’t need to change parts after harvesting soybean and then change parts to harvest beans or rice. You can just adjust the settings, and the rest will be taken care of by the machine.

Everything is automatic

Where harvesting and farming are involved, it feels like manual labor works best. But that’s because there haven’t been any better-automated processes before. But with combine parts, automatic winnowing, garnering and harvesting goes trustable and seamless. Your combine harvester will do a 2x better job than you at reaping crops and removing grain stalks.


Finding farming parts can be both easy or difficult, depending on where you live or where you shop at. But in case it is the latter for you, we understand how frustrating it is for you. At Estes Performance Concaves, you can order your combine parts easily through our e-commerce storefront and get suitable parts of any brand you want.

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