This Is Why You Need A Good Combine Concave

A combine concave is a well-mechanized combine component that has been engineered to boost field productivity. Many farmers are fast adopting the use of smartly engineered farming machines. The combine concave machines make it possible for farmers to easily harvest all kinds of crops in large quantities. With this important component of the combine, you can easily harvest all types of crops like soya bean, flax, barley, maize, oats, wheat, and so on. The combine harvesters as modern technology can be used to perform three important tasks during harvesting. It could efficiently thresh, reap, and winnow the crops.

Before The Use of Combine Concaves

Before the use of the combine concave technology, many farmers usually performed their harvesting processes manually. This means that a lot of plants are left unharnessed. Manual labour leaves behind leftovers of the harvests. This leftover plant is now collected as food for livestock. This means that farmers are fast losing their plants to manual processes.

The Use of Combine Concaves

The pain point that many farmers faced due to manual processes drove combine manufacturers to become innovative. This led them to produce the concave component for the combines. The installation of concaves to the combine harvesters meant that combine concave machines can significantly increase the crop yield capacity of the machine. It improves its ability to collect more grains while being able to minimise the number of plants left behind significantly. Combine concaves machines are more efficient than rotor combined that leaves behind a lot of crops. This is a significant loss for a farm with considerable land size. The installation of a concave on the combine helps to prevent the loss. This means that the combine concave created a fieldwork condition whereby the operator ignores the possibility of any losses and work efficiently.

The Features of Concave Combines

Versatility: This is a machine that can be used for harvesting all types of crops.

Minimal crop loss: The concave minimise field losses.

Bigger capacity: The concave fixture enhances the work capacity of a machine by 30 or 40%.

Enhanced ground speed: With the concave installed on the combine harvester, farm owners get a ground speed of about 1 to 2 miles per hour.

Cleaner crop produces: Concave installed on combines leads to much cleaner produces. This high-grade grain quality leads to more work from satisfied customers.

High work rate: The machine can work for a long time. Due to its improved durability, you can get a total of more than 5,000 working hours throughout its work life.

Good value for money: The concave on your combine harvester is a worthwhile investment. The concave represents a one-time purchase without any more replacements. It has been produced in such a way that it can save a lot of money.

High energy efficiency: Unlike the rotor component, the concave component of the combine harvester consumes less amount of fuel to boost its fuel efficiency.

Safe and dependable: The combine concave machine has been produced in such a way that it poses minimal risks to vehicles and people when in use. It has also been designed ergonomically to work as a dependable machine.