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Improving Yield Efficiency With The Case IH XPR2 Concave

The Case IH XPR2 concave has been engineered for agro-allied businesses and contractors to boost their field crop output by a good amount. This is one of the best aftermarket combine concaves that have been developed for the Case IH combine harvesters. As a true aftermarket option, the Case IH XPR2 concave can be used to upgrade and maximize the crop output in any farm. Compared to stock concaves, the Case IH concaves have been produced by specialized manufacturers of combine harvest components for more efficiency. But how does the Case IH concaves do this? These are several ways that the aftermarket component improves efficiencies in the field.

One concave used for processing all crops

The Case IH XPR2 concave is a set of revolutionary combine components that can be used for all crops. This means that users are now able to fix their concaves just once and use this for all crops. Before now, many machine operators usually work with limited efficiencies as they are expected to change their concaves as they switch to new crops. Rather the XPR2 system can be used to thresh all types of crops. This is easily used to improve the efficiency of your combine. This means that the aftermarket concave helps farm owners save up on time, money, and resources.

Crops that can be processed by the Case IH XPR2 concaves

The Case IH XPR2 concaves can be used to process and harvest a wide range of crops on the farm. It works for corns, wheat, soybeans, milo, lentils, millet, barley, bluegrass, alfalfa, popcorn, rice, flax, rye, and so on. This is an aftermarket component that has been built to deliver some of the most versatile performance in modern field machines.

An unbeatable return-on-investment (ROI)

The Case IH XPR2 concave is a one-stop-shop for harvesting all farm crops. This means that it only gets set once and can be used on acres of farms to steadily harvest all the crops in the field. This is a very cost-benefit approach that many outdated combine harvesters machines lack. The component offers a lot of output for every 1,000 acres to deliver productivity that is rare with stock concave systems. This high level of efficiency is then used to deliver an unprecedented level of return-on-investment (ROI) for the machine operator.

A one-stop-shop solution for agro-allied industries

Many manufacturing and processing industries depend on farm raw materials to produce their products. Most of them usually have their farms. Others buy finished products from agricultural products suppliers. In each case, there is usually large-scale harvesting involved. To help with a high yield harvest, these businesses usually get agricultural machines with upgraded components like the Case IH concaves. The upgraded concaves are used to ensure that the final product output is maximized.

How to get reliable aftermarket concaves

There are a lot of third-party aftermarket dealers that have various types of concaves for the combine harvester, however, there has been nothing as efficient and productive as the Case IH XPR2 concave systems. these combine concaves can be used for either John Deere or Case IH combines. They have been ergonomically designed to enhance the quality and output of the final crops harvested.

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