A Guide to the John Deere Soybean Harvester

The John Deere Soybean Harvester is the popular combine harvester equipment from the John Deere Company used to harvest soybean. It is well-known that the combine harvester is one of the most useful farming equipment that combines three harvesting processes – reaping, winnowing, and threshing. Using this harvester makes the life of a farmer easy. Harvesting is faster, yields more produce, and the crop harvested is of a better quality. One of the advantages of using a harvester is that it can be used to harvest any type of crop, whether wheat, soybean, sunflower, rye, or oats.

Soybean Harvester

One of the popular crops grown by farmers is soybean. The John Deere Soybean Harvester can be used to harvest soybean planted on the farm. Soybeans are crops belonging to the legume family. Soybeans are extremely popular since they have a rich protein content. This is particularly of importance for vegans who don’t get proteins from other sources. Soy offers them sufficient protein to meet their nutrient needs.

Soybean can be eaten as a bean. It can be used to make soy products like soy milk, tofu, etc. These products are great for vegans. Their high protein content makes them valuable. Apart from the high protein that it has, it is also rich in fiber. People need fiber for better digestion. Fiber also offers many other health benefits like improved blood sugar levels, etc.

Growing soybean can be profitable due to the demand for this crop. Once the farmer plants soybean, they can use the John Deere soybean harvester to harvest the crop. The combine harvester settings can be modified so that it can harvest soybean. It is possible to modify the combine concave settings to harvest different crops.

Settings To Be Used To Harvest Soybean

In order to harvest soybean, changes to the combine concave need to be made. These changes in the setting are important since it primes the harvester for use to harvest soybean. It is not very difficult to make these changes. They are listed in the manual and this can be followed.

The following are some key issues related to settings changes to harvest soybean using the John Deere harvester:

• The cutter car should a 6-inch one.

• The cross auger clearance should be set at 1/16th inch.

• The RPM of the reel must be ten times as compared to ground speed.

• Adjustment in the feeder chain must be one thread lesser than when fully extended.

• The clearance of the concave needs adjustment. It must be adjusted to the volume of material flowing through the rotor.

• The top sieve should be in close until 99% clean soybeans enter the grain tank. The bottom sieve should be open to allow for airflow.

• The settings may need to be re-adjusted after harvesting starts.

The John Deere soybean harvester is one of the most popular harvesters whose settings are optimized to harvest soybean. Using this harvester helps farmers get the best results from their harvesting and increase their profitability.