Replacement Combine Concaves: A Blessing For The Farmers

Farmers spend their entire time growing crops so that people of the world can get food on their plates. While the farmers are a blessing to mankind, technology has also created some machinery that works as a blessing for the farmers. The combine harvesters and the replacement combine concaves are worthy examples to be shared.

With machinery like combine harvesters and combine concaves, the way of farming is changing. The farmers still have to put in most of their time to cultivate various crops, but the hard work is reduced to a great extent with the new machinery and tools.

What Are Replacement Combine Concaves?

The replacement combine concaves are the parts for the combine harvesters. They are different from the round bar concaves as one set of combine concaves can be used for multiple crops. The after-market combine concaves can also be used to combine harvesters manufactured by different companies.

The Benefits that Farmers Get Through The Combine Concaves

  1. A single set of replacement concaves can be used to harvest different types of crops like corn, soybeans, oats, wheat, chickpea, canola, sesame, rye, sunflower, etc. Farmers do not have to put in extra effort and time in replacing the concaves when they need to harvest a different crop.
  2. The combine concaves have perforated cover plates. This helps in improving the capabilities of the combine harvester.
  3. Rotor loss is a major issue for the owners of combine harvesters. With the combine concaves, even this issue has been resolved to a great extent.
  4. In an hour, the combine concaves can harvest around 5000 bushels
  5. Another problem of the pods and whitecaps is also resolved with the combine concaves
  6. Farmers are also troubled by downtime but no more when they start using the combine concaves
  7. The harvest increases in amount, it is also cleaner with combine concaves
  8. The harvesting is also done with a higher speed with the combine concaves. The time saved by these concaves can be utilized to improve productivity and profit for the farmer
  9. The sales revenue for the farmers also grows with the use of efficient machinery as the combine concaves
  10. With the combine concaves, the ground speed of the combine harvester increases by around3 miles per hour. While this improves the life span of the combine harvesters, it is preventing the farmer from spending on maintenance.


For the benefits mentioned above, it is a wise decision for any farmer to invest in the combine concaves. By doing so they can see improvement in the speed, reduction in maintenance cost, improved harvest, and so on.

However, all farmers should be cautious that they are using only the best combine concaves for their combine harvesters. With duplicate parts, you will not see the results and also waste both time and money. To make sure that you are getting only the best replacement combine concaves, do thorough research in the market. Also, consult fellow farmers through personal contacts and online farmer communities.

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